Dark Chocolate Protein Pudding

Oh dear. I'm in trouble here. I CANNOT stop eating this pudding. I may have a tummy ache soon - errrrr, damn. I can't even grasp at the fact that this dark chocolate pudding has 11g of protein in each serving. You honestly would never know this is a "healthy-fied" version of the ever so loved sugar laden, grocery store packed chocolate pudding. If silky, smooth, rich, decadent, chocolatey treats are your thing, THIS IS YOUR THING!

This creamy and smooth protein treat packs on a rich and decadent chocolate flavor that is sure to crave your biggest sweet tooth! It is an incredibly no-bake, easy dish to make. It is also gluten-free. Enjoy!


3 scoops ARO chocolate whey protein powder
1 (1 lb.) package silken tofu
1 ripe avocado, pitted
¼ cup unsweetened dark cocoa powder
¼ cup honey
Optional toppings: crushed pistachios and mini chocolate chips


1. Drain all the liquid from the tofu packaging. Place the tofu on layered paper towels (or towel) to make sure most of the liquid is removed.

2. Place the tofu, along with the remainder of ingredients, in a food processor or blender.

3. Blend the mixture until it is completely smooth. Stop to scrap the bottom and sides of processor a few times to ensure everything is well combined.

4. Spoon about 1/3 cup pudding into a bowl, add toppings if desired, and enjoy immediately. Store leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

Makes 8 servings
1 serving is about 1/3 cup of pudding (without toppings)

Macros for 1 serving
179 calories, 11g protein, 17.2g carbs, 7.9g fat, 9.3g sugar, 2.3g fiber

Nicolette’s  Tips
* To cut calories (& sugar), substitute honey with granulated stevia or sucralose to taste.


  1. I love that you used avocado and tofu in this recipe! Both are used for pudding and I bet using the two in the same recipe will yield the creamiest results!

    1. Thank you! It was the perfect combo! Added healthy fat and additional protein - can't go wrong with that :)