Mocha Cream Protein Pies

 Start your morning off with a healthy dose of coffee, in pie form! Made with instant coffee, vanilla protein powder, and other grain-free ingredients, this silky smooth pie is gluten-free and sure to give you the extra boost you need to get your day started, or to keep it going. You can make this treat vegan-friendly by simply replacing the vanilla whey protein powder with a vegan-friendly protein powder, or just omit the protein powder all together.

Powdered Pistachio Protein Cookies

I have never made cookies with pistachios. I now question that decision, especially since I've tasted these delicious treats! These remind me of a shortbread cookie but with itty bitty chunks of pistachio mixed throughout the cookie dough. They're low in sugar, too, but loaded with sweet pistachio flavor. 

Creamy Chocolate Avocado Fudge

 This easy to make, no-bake 6 ingredient fudge is super creamy and packs on a healthy dose of chocolate flavor! Enjoy these freezer-friendly fudge squares as a snack or dessert.

Cranberry Almond Protein Granola

 This flavorful, healthy granola is simple to make and is a great addition to your meals or snacks. Add it to yogurt, sprinkle some on top of oatmeal, or just eat it alone with milk.

Pecan Pie Blondies

Gooey, sweet, crunchy pecan pie blondies - sounds perfect right about now, doesn't it? As I got all of my ingredients out on the counter in preparation for making this delicious recipe, I had to practice self control since I wanted to eat the entire bag of dates....and pecans. Those two foods together are so yummy! I wanted to create a lower calorie blondie mimicking the calorie-laden southern pecan pie. Success. So now I can eat as many pecans and dates as I want! 

Crispy Cinnamon Apple Bites

 A bite-sized treat that’s sweet, crunchy, and packed with warm, diced apples. If you’re a fan of apple crisps, then these bites were made just for you! Top each crispy apple cinnamon bite with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream for the perfect fall dessert.