Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

Chocolate covered strawberries - the true way to your love's heart. But then add cheesecake. Rich, chocolate cheesecake. Mmmmmmm! These little cheesecake cups are loaded with sweet flavors that will instantly remind you of the ever so popular classic chocolate covered strawberry treat!

Protein Strawberry Shortcake

 This is easily one of my all time favorite desserts on this blog! What's strange is I typically don't gravitate to strawberry shortcakes. I've also never made a traditional strawberry shortcake recipe. But this treat right here is unbelievably scrumptious and tasty! I beg you to make this dessert, whether you normally love strawberry shortcakes or not. The light and spongy cake carries just enough sweetness that pairs perfectly with the sweet coconut whipping cream and strawberry "syrup". YUM!

Mixed Berry Naked Cake

Don't let the name fool you. "Naked Cake" essentially means there's little to no icing on the sides of the cake. That does not mean there's any less silky, sweet icing flavor! There is plenty of icing in between the layers and on top to cure your icing craving. On top of the creamy icing is a luscious mix of fresh berries - simply put, this cake it delicious! 

Lemon Breakfast Bread with Blood Orange Glaze

This breakfast bread is sure to cheer you up and start your day off right! It's hard to find blood oranges around. But when you do, please bring some home with you and make this delicious loaf of bread! The citrus flavors are sure to put a zing in your step. Plus the healthy calories will provide enough energy for a fabulous day! 

Mini Glazed Peanut Butter Donuts

I am a donut lover. To the extreme. I actually had a "donut cake" at my wedding! But what I love about these specific donuts is the delicious peanut butter flavor - from the actual donut to the glaze. ALL things peanut butter. You can't go wrong with that! Being mini sized, they're easy to just grab and go, too. 

Mini Strawberry Limeade Tarts

 Enjoy these refreshingly sweet and tangy tarts to cool off in the upcoming spring and summer heat! The pistachio crust is a perfect compliment to the fruity flavors of the tart filling. Made without any added sugar, you can cure that sweet tooth without the typical spike in blood sugar from traditional sugary tart recipes.