Work With Me

Protein Treats by Nicolette is a nutritious food blog sharing wholesome, delicious recipes that foster a way to enjoy popular, high-calorie dishes that have been given a "healthy makeover." 

I enjoy working with companies who share my philosophy of promoting a healthy lifestyle and can also positively reach the audience of Protein Treats by Nicolette. Here are some of the ways to work with me.

Recipe Creator: 
One of my favorite things to do is create delicious dishes made with wholesome ingredients that meet your company's needs. I can mold each recipe to suit your brand's message and showcase your brand favorably. 

Brand Ambassador: 
If your brand and I share similar goals that advocate healthy living, let me represent your brand through social media, blog, and more! I would love to both increase awareness of your brand and portray your company in a positive light. This can include, but is not limited to, social media takeovers, social media posts, blog posts, photography, media appearances, innovative insight and feedback. 

Food/Product Photography: 
Do you need to add professional food and/or product photos to your website and social media channels? Or do you need material for a marketing component? Let me help you by providing a beautiful portrayal of your product through my photography. 

Contact Information: 
You can reach me via email at 


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