"Chipotle" Bison Bowl

So last night I was craving Chipotle. But Chipotle is over an hour way from where I live. The nerve. And by craving....I'm not talking about "oh it would be nice to have that, but it's just not going to happen". What I am talking about is "I AM PREGNANT AND THESE HORMONES MAKE ME FEEL MENTAL SOMETIMES AND I'M CRAVING CHIPOTLE AND THAT MEANS I NEED IT NOW. ASAP. LIKE IN 30 MINUTES OR I WILL EXPERIENCE PSYCHO-NESS YOU AIN'T SEEN COMING" So, anyways, lucky me I was planning on making guacamole last night to go along with bison stuffed peppers. Hmmm. So I had those ingredients plus brown rice, canned black beans (thank goodness I ordered them from Vitacost), & canned corn. Hallelujah! So I made a "Chipotle Bowl" and I have never been happier to see this concoction. So, with my happy ass mood still ensuing today, I will share the recipe with you. 

The Recipe
Well, kind of.

I cooked 2 lb. of ground bison with chopped onion (about 1/2) on the stovetop and added some pepper, chili powder, paprika, Flavor God spicy everything seasoning, and garlic powder to taste. I also cooked brown rice but added some chopped cilantro and lime juice to mimic the cilantro lime rice from Chipotle. For the guacamole, I mashed two avocado with diced cherry tomatoes, cilantro, a little salt, pepper, diced red onion, garlic powder, cumin, and lime juice to taste. Listen, I don't measure for savory dishes in all honesty. I measure all day with baking so...yeah. But I promise to do better next time :) Then I plopped all this in a bowl, added the corn and beans, and devoured it. So. Friggin. Good. I would have added lettuce if I had any but I ate the rest in a salad for lunch. I know I don't post savory dishes much but I am hoping to start posting them more often. Happy Thursday!


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